Turkish Towels

Turkish Towels — What You Need To Know

A towel is an adsorbent piece of linen or cotton clothing that is used for drying purposes. From small hand towels to large beach towels, towels are an essential tool in the day to day living of a human being. There are very many types of towels used in the world today but no doubt the Turkish Towels are the most popular and preferred towels worldwide.

History of the Turkish towels

Turkish towels as the name suggests are towels that have their origin in Turkey. The history of Turkish towels dates back to the 17th century. The first pieces of towels are believed to have been made in the city of Bursa in Turkey. These large pieces of clothing were made of woven linen and sometimes cotton. These first towels were embroidered by hand and were highly adsorbent but very light. These flat towels were referred to as the pestamel. As the Ottoman Empire grew in Europe, the towel industry got a much needed boost. Fancy designs were introduced into the towel making industry. With their early carpet making skills, craftsmen made bigger and more stylish towel designs. These types of towels were very expensive and not many people afforded them. As industrialization spread through Europe, machines slowly replaced the weavers and the process was made relatively faster than before. The mass production of towels made them accessible to the public and more people were able to buy and use them.


Cotton Ball

Cotton: All You Need To Know

Does Cotton Shrink?

The answer is yes! Cotton sometimes are shrinked purposefully but 100% cotton surely shrinks.The possible way to shrink cotton is to wash the cotton in hot water and dry it in the highest heat setting.Cotton dresses undergoes this kind of process and it will be labeled as preshrunk but the cotton can still shrunk.But dresses which was already preshrunked will shrink less and unevenly.The shrinkage depends upon the type of the fabric.To avoid shrinkage,using cold water to wash and dry it in a normal heat setting.